Trax® camera transporter is for televising 6" through 15" pipe. It operates at various speeds and runs in forward and reverse. With a completely waterproof transmission/motor housing, Trax is the perfect maintenance tool for sewer inspection contractors and municipalities.

Depending on cable and pipe conditions, Trax travels over 45 feet per minute and can carry a 3" x 22" sewer camera up to 2,000'. The transporter makes televising easy because only one manhole needs to be accessed. To keep the worker safely above ground, Trax enters the manhole.


Trax adapts to various size cameras and is compatible with all manufacturers' mainline systems.

Vulcanized rubber feet precisely spaced apart decrease debris buildup and extend the life of the tractor and its components.

The controller features a spring-loaded directional switch, an amperage meter and a power indicator light.

The electrical and mechanical systems are covered under a one-year warranty.


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