" The Predator"



The Predator® is a reliable and easy-to-use color inspection system for 3" through 12" pipelines. Televising mainline sewers and underground service connections is a snap using this state-of-the-art system.

View a crisp, color picture of pipes, ducts, well casings, etc. while recording what you see.

The standard Predator system has a built-in VHS recorder and a high resolution color monitor. It also includes 200' of rigid video push cable with a 12" flexible spring end.

Longer cable lengths, digital footage and a keyboard are just a few of the options available with this system.

With a mainline skid or Trax®, The Predator is able to inspect up to 48" pipelines. The Predator's power control unit works with the black and white Chaser® for an affodable backup as well as the 0.8" diameter Marc® camera for super small applications. As a completely versatile system, The Predator will be your most cost-effective investment.

The components in the system are lightweight and portable. Like all of IEQ's mini cameras, The Predator operates on either AC or DC power and is covered under a one-year warranty.


The 12" flexible spring that attaches the camera to the cable enables easy bend negotiation of 3" and larger lines.

The Predator contains a built-in AC/DC VCR with a remote, speaker and volume control so an additional recorder does not have to be purchased and fewer cables are required to run the system.

Operation on either AC or DC power means that The Predator can be plugged into a 120 Volt AC outlet or a vehicle cigarette lighter.

A clear picture with superior definition is produced by 460 lines of resolution.

2 lux CCD sesitivity produces a high quality picture in low light environments.

With an o-ring sealed aluminum housing, the camera is completely waterproof and can be pushed further and easier through multiple bends than a stainless steel camera.

A 4" to 6" brush skid as well as 6" and 8" aluminum skids center the camera in the pipe to view its entirety.

The Predator is completely expandable with the ability to inspect up to 48" pipe using Trax transporter or a mainline skid assembly and exterior lights.

The system includes a microphone and speaker for commentary during inspection.

VCR and data-view connections allow the system operator to connect an additional recorder as well as hook up a keyboard to type important information on the screen.

The hermetically sealed slip ring is maintenance free with a 3-year warranty.

The power control unit is lightweight, easy to carry and compatible with IEQ's entire mini camera line.

A fiberglass rod is imbedded in the video push cable to keep it rigid during inspection.

The built-in video amplifier allows for operation with long cable lengths.

The viewing box eliminates sunlight on the monitor.

A variety of options are available.



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