IEQ's mini mainline package is a complete televising system for inspecting 4" through 36" pipelines. A mini camera, encased in an adapter tube, can be placed in a skid assembly or Trax® camera transporter for fast and virtually effortless mainline inspection. This versatile system is an economical choice that allows inspection of lateral and mainline pipelines. The mini mainline package is portable and consists of separate components, therefore perfect for starting out in mainline inspection and expanding your business gradually.


Standard Mini Mainline Package:

Either a black and white (Chaser®/Chaser VCR) or a color (Predator®) mini camera and power control unit are used for inspecting 4" through 36" lines.

A high impact plastic adapter tube enables the mini camera to be secured in a mainline skid or tractor assembly.

The mini mainline reel is portable, tractor-ready and includes:

The lighthead package includes an auxiliary power supply and a low profile lighthead for inspecting 6" to 36" pipe. All interconnect cords are also provided.

A heavy-duty top manhole roller guides the cable as it is pulled down the manhole.

A 3" x 36" Tigertail® hose protects cable from abrasion and hangups as it enters the line.

The system is covered under a one-year warranty.

Components available:

Either a mainline skid assembly or Trax® camera transporter is required to carry the camera through the line and keep it centered for viewing the pipe's entirety.

600' or 1000' of 3/8" fiber armored multi-conductor video cable is available.

200' of rigid video push cable on a portable reel is available for inspecting small pipelines such as lateral lines and underground service connections.

Power rewind is an option for the mini mainline reel.

A high performance lighthead can be purchased separately for inspecting 12" through 48" pipelines.

IEQ offers two winch options for extended mainline runs of up to 1000'.


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