"The Marc"


The Marc® is a rugged camera used for televising pipelines, steamlines, conduit and heat exchanger tubes. With a camera head about the size of a nickel, The Marc can inspect 1" pipelines and is perfect for small industrial applications. For maintenance engineers and plant managers as well as emergency crews, security organizations and the entire law enforcement industry, this camera will locate just about anything anywhere! The Marc is also an excellent maintenance tool in hospitals and educational facilities.

This versatile system can be powered by either AC or DC and records what you see with its built-in VCR. To minimize capital investment, the power control unit is compatible with IEQ's entire mini camera line.


The camera head measures 0.8" in diameter for inspecting 7/8" straight runs and 1-1/2" multiple bend runs.

The Marc contains a built-in AC/DC VCR with a remote, speaker and volume control so an additional recorder does not have to be purchased and fewer cables are required to run the system.

Operation on either AC or DC power means that The Marc can be plugged into a 120 Volt AC outlet or a vehicle cigarette lighter.

The camera is waterproof to 150 psi.

A clear picture with superior definition is produced with 470 lines of resolution.

2 lux CCD sensitivity produces a high quality picture in low light environments.

The VCR and data-view connections allow the system operator to connect an additional recorder as well as hook up a keyboard to type important information on the screen.

100' of video push cable is standard.

Video cable features a durable and abrasive-resistant outer jacket.

The hermetically sealed slip ring is maintenance free with a 3-year warranty.

The power control unit is lightweight, easy to carry and compatible with IEQ's entire mini camera line.

The system includes a microphone and speaker for commentary during inspection.

A 3" brush skid centers the camera in the pipe to view its entirety.

The viewing box eliminates sunlight on the monitor.

A variety of options are available.


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