IEQ's Kit® system includes everything needed to fully assemble a mainline sewer, multi-conductor color televising system in any vehicle. Installing this system in an existing vehicle is a cost-efficient

alternative to purchasing a complete TV inspection truck. IEQ will even provide installation assistance. For replacing equipment or updating current mainline inspection systems, The Kit system components are available seperately and are compatible with almost any multi-conductor mainline system .

Trax® camera transporter and a generator are available as options.



Multi-conductor camera has 2 lux sensitivity producing a high quality picture in low light environments.

A 19" standard component rack mount houses a color monitor and VHS recorder with microphone as well as a data display system, power control unit and engineering panel.

A power winch system with controller is standard.

The cable reel has 1,000' of fiber armor multi-conductor video cable with a footage counter, automatic levelwind, electric drive motor and a multi-gear transmission.

The hermetically sealed slip ring has a 3-year warranty.

The desktop controller powers video cable reel and electric remote winch.

A circuit breaker box assembly powers the generator.



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