D60-10, D65-16, D65-20

High Pressure

Reciprocating Pumps

D60-10 Triplex

Designed for industrial, oil and gas field, mining, and marine applications, this pump's slow crankshaft speed reduces parts wear and energy use. Valve and piston assemblies are easily serviced through front/top openings. Specially effective for hull cleaning, barnacle removal, high pressure cleaning and sealing.

D65-16 Triplex

This pump's large 65 GPM volume of flow at up to 1600 PSI makes it perfect for sewer blasting as well as extra heavy duty industrial and marine cleaning. The compact, powerful design is also right for strata loosening, long distance pumping in coal mines and oil fields, and large vehicle cleaning.

D65-20 Triplex

This is the largest volume, highest pressure pump in the Myers line. Can't be beat for hydraulic blasting and cleaning, sewer cleaning, fire truck, injection, hydrostatic testing. Built rugged for continuous, dependable service in many exacting industrial high pressure applications.

Over a century of experience has proven one thing: Myers designs and builds pumps you can rely on. The proof is in performance. And Myers' D Series high pressure reciprocating pumps perform under pressure for a long time.

The D Series combines Myers' manufacturing expertise and understanding of applications to provide a pump that is perfect for every high pressure job. At Myers, we know what you need and we deliver. That's what we call "Quality in Motion." That's Myers.








Pinion & main gear are helical cut and machined from high-strength alloy steel, and can rotate in either direction. Integral pinion shaft is also machined from high-strength alloy steel.

Automotive type crankshaft is forged from alloy steel.

Shaft bearings feature tapered roller bearings.

Crankshaft journal bearings are automotive type, steel-backed inserts.

Connecting links are cast iron or ductile iron with replaceable bronze wrist-pin bearings.

Crossheads/piston "pony" rods. Heavy-duty ductile iron crossheads "Pony" rods are smoothly-ground and highly-polished stainless steel, threaded and pinned to align perfectly with the connecting link,

Continuous splash lubrication is provided during either direction of rotation.








Piston assembly. Stud, pressure ring, spring, retainer and cap screw are all solid stainless steel.

Valve assemblies (two types depending on use). Spring-loaded flat valves have stainless steel seats, springs and valves with long-wearing bronze spring retainer and valve cage. Optional stainless steel center post-type feature Delrin valves, (Standard on D65-20)

Valve & cylinder caps of tough cast iron (D65 cylinder caps are steel) with Buna-N 0 -ring seals. Caps are rigidly held in place by removable steel clamps,

Suction & discharge located for easy service, Large threaded suction openings on sides and/or front, Discharge openings are flanged and tapped.


Gearcase of rugged cast iron protects the gears and serves as oil reservoir for continuous lubrication. Cover section quickly removable for easy service.






Cylinder body of high-strength ductile iron or aluminum-bronze for salt water applications.

Cylinders are tapered steel shells with super-smooth, hard ceramic coating. Easily replaceable.

Packing: Buna-N & cotton duck cup or multi-lip V-ring supported by a phenolic follower





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