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Bomb Nozzles

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Bomb Nozzles replace conventional
aluminumn storm nozzles that wear down
quickly from abrasion with case hardened
Steel construction with replacable jets.



The "bomb" are dual degree nozzles

These nozzle is made of wear-resistant hardened steel. 2 different jet angles of 10 and 30 perform
together strong propulsion and effective cleaning. Highly efficiency with the operator attention .

For removal of loose rubble stone, gravel and soft deposits.

Working pressure: up to 3500psi

BN554050 1 1/4" NPT Nozzle
BN554040 1" NPT Nozzle
BN554030 1" NPT Nozzle
BN554020 3/4" NPT Nozzle
BN554010 1/2" NPT Nozzle

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