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Culvert Nozzle

Rugged Heat treated Aluminum alloy nozzle
rides smoothly in the bottom of the pipe with
cast skid guides to reduce friction and drag.
Available in 1" NPT and 1 1/4" NPT


Aluminum Culvert Nozzle is a rugged heat treated aluminum
alloy that rides smoothly over the surface of the debris that it is
moving. The weight is adjustable by adding sand or shot to the
hollow cavity in the bottom of the nozzle. This nozzle is equipped
with a towing eye and a rotating swivel to allow the nozzle to stay
flat in the bottom of the pipe. The jets are set at 11, 18, and 35
degree and are replaceable.

Part Number 1" AC 1665
3\4" AC 1240

When ordering be sure to specify Gallons per minute and PSI

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