IEQÒ  Heavy Duty Root Cutter Specifications
2100Series Root Cutter (Mainline Skid Type)

This specification is to describe the IEQÒ High Speed 2100Series Root Cutter for use with high pressure water sewer jet cleaners.  The 2100Series Root Cutter is designed using the jet thruster and hydraulic motor as one complete power unit, therefore not compromising hydraulic torque or R.P.M. The overall dimensions of the assembly are 9 " Long x 3 " Wide (without skids).The 2100 Series Root Cutter motor is designed to develop 700 R.P.M. and 2200 square inch pounds of torque. The motor is a simple mechanism utilizing high pressure water supplied by a high pressure water sewer jet cleaning machine that transfers high pressure water through thermoplastic sewer cleaning hose to the hydraulic root cutter unit.  There are only three moving parts inside the hydraulic rootcutter motor: a commutator valve, a drive shaft and the gyroter star.The 2100Series Root Cutter assembly comes with 6", 8", 10" and 12" skid assemblies for adjusting to different pipe sizes. Other size skids and configurations for the 2100Series Root Cutter are also available.  The 2100Series Root Cutter assembly is furnished with a removable saw hub so that only the saw blade portion needs to be removed when replacing blades. The saw blades used on the IEQÒ High Speed 2100Series Root Cutter have teeth on both the front and back of the saw blade for root cutting in either a forward or reverse position. The heavy duty blade is .156 (5/32") thick. Saw blades of 6", 8", 10" and 12" are supplied in the standard kit,with larger sizes also available. The kit is furnished with a tool box which contains an allen wrench, a 7/16" open end wrench, root cutter assembly and replaceable skids. The 2100Series Root Cutter is designed for ", 1" and 1 1/4" sewer hose applications. Units are calibrated at the factory for proper G.P.M. and P.S.I. and are designed for operation on 35 G.P.M. to 80 G.P.M. high pressure sewer jet cleaning machines. When it is not being used, it is important to keep the unit well lubricated. A greased fitting may be installed in the exhaust port which will pump grease into the motor to displace moisture.


Available  Cutters :

Flat Saws

Concave Saws

Spiral Saws

Knife Blades


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