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Rotary Nozzles


Problem :

I have a problem with heavy root Intrusion in many of the pipes in which I work. These roots catch anything that flows through the pipe and cause plugs and back ups on a covitinuous basis. When I try to cut the roots out with a hydraulic rootcutter on my jet flusher, I get the rootcutter hung up or break the already damaged pipe. It seems that the only option that I have is to use a mechalilcal rodder Is there a nozzle that I can use instead of the rodder


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The "Rotary Rootcutter" is probably the best nozzle we have ever had for working exactly in those conditions. With a very low profile. It combilnes the versatility of your jet flusher with the mechanical fuliction of your rodding machine. The "Rotary Rootcutter " will take your jet flusher through pipes you have never beeii through with a flusher. We have been absolutely amazed from some of the stories that we have heard back from users. We have long felt that if you want to get the job done right, you need the right tool. The "Rotary Roortcutter" has proven itself as the right tool for that job.

Technical Specifications:
Construction : Carbon Steel
Cutting Surface ; Steel
Mimimum Operating Capacity : From 14 GPM (1/2"
Nozzle) and 1650 PSI
Maximum Operating Capacity : 120 GPM and 3000 PSI
Minimum Working Speed: 1200 RPM
Maximum Speed : 2200 RPM
For Use in Pipe : 1 " thru 15"
Primary Use : Root, grease and detergent removal.
Secondary Use : Removal of Soft Deposits
Part Number
Fitting Size
1" NPT
5" lg X 1.9"dia
1 lb
7"lg X 3" dia
3 lb
4"Lg X 1.5"
12 oz.
1 1/2" X 3/4"
4 oz.

Be certain to specify Gallons per minute and psi when ordering

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