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"The Rootwacker" Rotating Chain Root Cutting Nozzle

I need a " user friendly " root cutter for my jet flusher. It should be an efficient low maintenance, low profile rootoutter for use in pipes 4" through 15" diameter: It should have low water usage so we won't run out of water between manholes and should be resistent to hang ups in the pipe. I would also like to eliminate the need for multiple skid assemblies for different pipe sizes too, If It is possible. Cali you Help?


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"Solution :
Yes, we can! The IEQ " Rootwacker " is a high performance rotary nozzle designed for cutting roots and removing deposits from pipe walls. As It is propelled through the pipe, the chains attached to the spinning body rotate at speeds up to 1600 RPM. As the chains spin, they are thrust outward against the inside surface of the pipe by centrtfugal force, removing roots and other obstructions. This cutter is ideally suited for pipes wtth reduced diameter and off set pipe joints. It uses much less water than conventional hydraulic root cutters and resists tendencles to get hung up. There is no hydraulic motor to maintain. Simply rinse it with diesel fuel when you're done using it and forget it until the next time you need it. No Skids. No hydraulic motor No maintmance. Best of all, it is "user friendly "

Technical Specifications


3/4 " NPT CONNECTION (Part Number RW1240 )

Tool Diameter: 2.0"
Total Length 5.01.
Weight: 2 LB.
Construction Stainless Steel
Chain Lengths : 6 "
Mimimum Operational Capacity: 32 GPM and 1650 PSI
Maximum Operating Capacity : 55 GPM and 3000 PSI
Minimum Working Speed: 1200 RPM
Maximum Speed :2200 RPM
For Use In Pipe : 4" thru 10

1 " NPT CONNECTION (Part Number RW1665)

Tool Diameter: 2.5"
Total Length: 6.0 "
Weight : 8 LB.
Construction Stainless :Steel
Chain Lengths: 8" or 15"
Mimimum Operational Capacity: 45 GPM and 1650 PSI
Maximum Operating Capacity : 120 GPM and 3000 PSI
Minimum Working Speed: 1200 RPM
Maximum Speed : 2200 RPM
For Use in Pipe : 4" thru 15"
Primary Use : Root removal, Grease and Detergent removal,
Secondary Use : Removal of Hard Deposits i.e. Calcium and Cement

* The minimum operating and pressure capacities are not exact and represent acceptable range in both categories.



Part Number for 1" NPT RW1665
Part Number for 3/4" NPT is RW 1240

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